12th Aug, 2022 Corporate


Hong Kong-based Compliance training Company was finding its BFSI clients dissatisfied with conventional methods of training. The course completion rates in conventional training were less than 40%

How to make training for a boring subject like compliance very interesting?

How to increase the completion compliance rate of compliance training?


We did Gamification at 2 levels; Gamification of User training Experience, and Gamification of Content.

Using a board theme, dice movement and points algorithm, and engaging content created by compliance experts, we created the Compliance Learning Game. We created different modules, levels and chapters. Users won points on completing each question and chapter and module. The points led to rewards, badges and certificates.

There was interesting trivia information and help available on screen in every chapter.

Action Taken

The Compliance Game was demonstrated to a big Bank and they ordered Game Subscriptions for their 200+ staff.

The game was played on the bank URL with a Single Sign On by the staff. It was played by staff across the board in compliance, operations , customer service teams.

The Bank Learning Manager administered the game, giving the staff weekly targets to finish the chapters.

The staff played the game in their office and also from home.

The Staff enjoyed the game, earning points & badges, and seeing their performance on Leaderboards. It was all fun upfront with serious metrics driven learning inherent in the fun.