12th Aug, 2022 Education


The school needed gamification of content and learning experience but lacked the tools to create gamification.

There was a lot of demand for traditional Indian languages and there were a few apps and online courses available, but none offered the gamified experience.

Less than 50% of students were coming back for next classes after completing modules of early classes.


We used over 20 Gamified formats like drag & drop, picture quizzes, Alphabet GIFs to make learning curriculum into a collection of 20 Mini Games We created over 2000 fun learning questions in over 100 Chapters of learning across 5 Levels.

Students enjoy getting rewards of digital badges and certificates on completing chapters and proudly sharing with their friends on Social Media.

Action Taken

The teacher chose a number of subscriptions for his students.

We created a web URL for students for easy access to the learning game on their computer or mobile through subscription codes provided.

We provided LMS to the teacher with detailed reports and smart dashboards. This enabled him to see and analyze the completion rate, performance rate, leaderboards of all the students, and give them notifications and feedback; all Live, in real time.


Number of students returning for higher courses jumped to 85%.

From 5-10 hours earlier, the engagement hours spent by a student on the course through the game jumped manifold to about 40 hours a month.

The teachers remarked that with a gamified learning of their own available, they are no longer dependent on any other language-learning app.