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Benefits of Gamification on students and corporates

Gamification is the act of using game elements to make non-game activities more enjoyable. It can be used by adopting the act of playing a video game into everyday use. The engagement levels of gamification can motivate users to accomplish tasks easily that are normally considered as boring, such as learning. 

In simple words, real-world activities are made like a game in order to motivate learners to achieve their goals easily and completing the task successfully without getting bored.

Benefits of Gamification on Students

  • It increases the level of student engagement in classrooms

Scientists have done research to measure the levels of student engagement while using Gamification in the classroom. The researchers assigned a point-based system in various class activities and the learners were measured based on their engagement level. In this study, they found that Gamification was favorable for the students and increased productivity in the classroom.

  • Gamification supports cognitive enhancement in youngsters

Using Gamification to aid in cognitive enhancement will allow an increase in the activity of the regions of the brain to allow for decent development. Games that are specially made for enhancing mental development are often called “Brain Games”. It can improve the rate of brain processes and maintain information. Brain games have become more popular in the past few years and are based on various problems that the student has to solve.

  • Gamification isn’t bound to the classroom

It can be used in learning outside the classroom as well. It can break up a student's homework into sections which makes it easy for them to complete it successfully. Gamification can also be used at home and is a good way to get children involved in education by making it more enjoyable.

Benefits of Gamification on Corporates

  • Increases employee engagement

Gamification in corporate training can increase employee engagement and develop the learning experience. Employee engagement shows the quality and quantity of their participation in the training programs. It’s very important for an organization to choose the right game elements and mechanics to engage the staff. An organization can create competitions to develop the learner’s involvement with learning by encouraging gamification elements.

  • Gamification increases employee retention

Gamification in corporate training can increase the recall and retention of learning topics. It focuses on giving instant feedback to the employees. By giving the rewards for completing the task and achieving the milestones, the learners start to accompany the learnings with positive thoughts, prompting them to repeat the process. Thus, the staff is motivated to continue with the learning process, leading to the development of retention and recollecting the learning topics.

  • Enhance employee productivity

According to a study, 80 % of learners said that Gamification would boost their productivity if game-like elements or gamified training were involved in the learning process at the workplace. The corporate sector keeps regular training programs to develop the productivity of their employees by making them upskill and recall their existing knowledge to perform the task better than before in their work. By gamifying these trainings, organizations are able to increase the involvement of the employees which is otherwise not seen in other types of training mechanisms. Regular external motivation leads to internal motivation and a marked behavioral change in the workspace. This assists the organization in training the learners more effectively and increasing employee productivity. 

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