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How Gamification can help in productivity of employees in an organization?

Gamification is a newly popular strategy to promote employee engagement and loyalty by making the work process fun and rewarding. It is a process in which game-like elements are used in the workplace to follow the same process and build a more engaging working culture. It may include many things such as scoring, competitions, leaderboards, and so on.

Gamification includes designing games with corporate goals and strategies inserted in them. It can be applied in a way that is beneficial to support an organization in fulfilling its objectives. Employee engagement is very important for any organization to succeed. Implementation of gamification within an organization can prove vital in overcoming many difficulties in the modern workplace. 

An organization implements a structure in which employees are rewarded (digitally) for certain actions. Since rewards improve employee engagement this will convince them to be more involved in their work. Also when competition is created between the employees, it will encourage a friendly competitive environment that will motivate better performance. The use of such strategies can make work less boring and introduce a feeling of thrill into everyday activities. 

Gamification can also help workers to develop. By encouraging novel ways to address work, they learn to seek tasks in a different way. By doing work in a new way, it helps the brain to adapt to new methods of thinking and therefore can persuade employees in their work. In this new environment of remote working, gamification has come up as a critical way of establishing employee engagement and productivity.  

According to a survey, 89% of employees working in an organization mentioned that gamification makes them feel more productive and happier at the workplace. It can enhance employee morale and increase their ability to recall. Another report shows that 69% of employees plan to stay with the existing organization for more than three years if they use gamified activities. This data clearly shows how gamification can engage and retain employees and also increase their productivity. 

Here are some key benefits of how gamification can improve work culture and help in increasing productivity -

  • Boost employee engagement and productivity
  • Improve remote working
  • Happy and productive staff
  • Improve retention
  • Enhance collaboration and teamwork
  • Efficient training and development

These advantages generate 147% better performance compared to organizations that do not use gamification. 


The use of gamification evidently has increased the productivity of employees in an organization as it encourages employees to fall in love with their work and thrive. By adding gamification in organizations' training and engagement programs, an organization can achieve higher levels of productivity and also empower remote employees to engage with their work in a fun and rewarding manner. Employees must be physically and mentally involved in the work to increase efficiency. “A happy mind is always productive”.

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